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Over 65s Blues
Manager: Ken Anderson


It seems like only yesterday that I was asked to take care of the Over 65s Blues squad for the first set of fixtures in April -- and yet here we are now fast approaching our AGM in December with another league season behind us.

We played 18 league games between April and September with a return of 26 points -- 6 wins, 8 draws and 4 defeats -- to finish 4th, precisely mid-table in a 7 team division.

I think we played some really good football throughout the season and a little more consistency at times could have turned some of our drawn games into victories;

something to work on next season.


The squad spirit was excellent and all players were very supportive in my first season as manager and I thank you all for that backing. 14 players represented the Blues 65s -- the roll of honour is below


I've chosen not to mention individual players as I feel this would be unfair and it's my belief that everyone played an important part in both the spirit and the performances of the squad.  

I am, however,  going to finish  by highlighting  one very special team-mate: The late, great Kenny Howard.

Ken was a regular member of the squad and 

his efforts this season were  unbelievable.  He played throughout the times he was having his treatment and always gave 100%. Each time I picked Ken I would speak to him before games with regard to his game time and his response was always the same: "Play me wherever you want Ken (except in goal);  play me when you want and I'll let you know when I've had enough."


What a sad loss; what a lovely man. 

Ken Anderson


Blues 65s Squad, 2023:

Ken Howard

John Watson

Reg Swallow

Peter Hall

Paul Smeeton

Andy Milne

Mick Roberts

Mark Hughes

George Fleetwood

Charlie Docherty

Andy Martin

Dave Holborn

Ozzie Hussein

Ken Anderson



April 11

Falcons 1 (Milne), Bilericay 0

Falcons 1 (Hughes), Romford 0

Falcons 2 (Docherty, Milne), Chelmsford 0

May 23

Falcons 0, Grays 1

Falcons 0, Orient 1

Falcons 0, Southend 2

June 6

Falcons 0, Romford 0

Falcons 1 (Smeeton), Southend 0

Falcons 0, Billericay 0

Falcons 1 (Smeeton), Chelmsford 0

July 18

Falcons 0, Grays 0

Falcons 1 (Roberts), Orient 1

Falcons 0, Southend 2

Falcons 0, Billericay 0

Sept 26

Falcons 1 (Smeeton), Romford 0
Falcons 0, Chelmsford 0

Falcons 1 (Hughes), Grays 1

Falcons 1 (Hughes), Orient 1

League Cup Oct 10

Falcons 0, Grays 2

Falcons 0, Little Oakley 1

Falcons 1 (Smeeton), Orient 1

eliminated at group stage

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